• To be sure the delivery of the steel structure is on time
  • Performance not only in accordance with the standards, but also with advice on the best solutions
  • Optimization of the design and service with assembly
  • Recruitment of workers for workshops or construction sites

We build from steel. We work with those who need:

We put an effort to improve our qualifications on regular basis to meet the expectations of our clients at best!



  • C3,
  • C4,
  • C5-M,
  • C5-I,
  • duplex
  • EXC2,
  • EXC3,
  • EXC4


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Supply of a

steel structure

We deliver steel structures directly to the indicated places

Design optimization and steelwork delivery

We offer project optimization and performance including assembly

Recruitment of

the workers

We offer qualified staff to work on construction sites



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  • Welders
  • Structure fitters
  • Pipe fitters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Sandblasters
  • Concrete mixers
  • Carpenters
  • other professionals to be checked
  • Profile structures
  • Welded structures (including HSQ)
  • Steel bridges
  • Steel halls
  • Handrails
  • Industrial structures
  • Tanks, silos and filters
  • Straight and round platforms• Spiral stairs
  • Platform gratings
  • Machined parts

Steel or welding


We offer the purchase of

steel and

welding materials

Anticorrosive and fire protection painting

We effectively protect steel structures against corrosion and fire, improving the safety of buildings

Inspection service by certified inspectors

We carry out tests of certified inspectors during production and at construction sites

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About us

Learn about Tomsteel

I have been dealing with steel structures since 2003. I have gained experience working on international projects for biggest steelwork producers and construction companies in Poland and abroad.

The scope of my activities was: obtaining orders, negotiations, project management for final execution and settlement (including implementation of revisions and claims management).

The value of my contracts in some years amounts to several dozen million PLN (steel bridges, storage halls, waste incineration plants, support structures, platforms, exhaust gas treatment plants) for clients from Norway, Italy, France, India and Japan.

Tomasz Staszewski





different countries

the value of executed contracts

years of experience

the value of executed contracts

years of experience

different countries

I have been a Project Manager certified by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) since 2005. I have been running my own business as Tomsteel since 2018. At that time, I was responsible for orders and projects management for Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Germany, as well as domestic ones.

Certified high management quality

In customer service, we focus on trust and benefits resulting not only from good market prices, but also from additional values such as:

efficient implementation of customer changes

consulting in

technical solutions

consulting on anti-corrosion and fire protection

organizing transport, including oversized or sea transport

selection of proven production workshops and employees

continuous monitoring and reporting of work progress to guarantee process control and timely deliveries

They trusted us

"I was co-operating with Tomasz when I was Purchasing Manager in Reinertsen and Tomasz was Project Manager in big Polish production company. I was very satisfied with Tomasz professional service. Our projects were alwayswell managed and monitored so I could sleep well and be sure all will be delivered on time."

Svein Wist

Roberto Rubera

Andrzej Twarowski

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"I have been co-operating with Tomasz for more than 10 years. I could always depend on hisadvice and very good service in respect of steelworks. Delivered goods were with high level of workmanshipand supplied on time. In case of any problem Tomasz was creative to find best mutual-benefit solution for Parties involved."

Tomasz is an entrepreneur focused on continuous development. Tomasz's trademark is an in-depth study of the needs of his customers. Thanks to this, he proposes a solution adequate to the needs and budgetary conditions. In other words: Tomasz will not encourage you for something you do not need.

Former Purchasing Manager in Reinertsen AS

Owner of HSTC Sp.z o.o.(Oil&gas industry)

Managing Partner and CEO at Sandler Training - Twarowski & Partners


Ogińskiej 17

08-125 Suchożebry

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